Real Talk: CBS &The Streaming Conundrum!

Hi guys so recently I have been pondering making the switch from cable to streaming only. I’ve decided to do it! So I was going through all of the networks to see what I would be gaining or losing. Here is the main issue I found surprisingly only with one streaming service.

CBS or Now known as Paramount+ WHAT IS THE purpose of this service. In my opinion streaming is a place one can go and lose themselves in the unique complexity of show. From season 1 episode 1 to end or current; one after another till no other show will do, for a while at least! This is why we gave it a name, BINGEING!

Now to the issue, it is my understanding that CBS having a streaming service means that they have access to all of their content to stream. WHY then do they only have current seasons of their most popular shows? I can do that on a DVR! They want money for this?! It seems the only way to watch or binge all episodes is if the show is completed! All these amazing shows and they only have the current season! I cannot tell you how many shows I started on Netflix or Hulu and continued watching on regular television. That is the benefit of a good streaming service you get all caught up and then you turn on their channel.

I am extremely disappointed with this streaming service, and half of the other shows aren’t even available for example CSI New York. So if you’re pondering making the switch and Thinking that CBS is worth it in anyway at all, it’s not! I can tell you HBO Max has a lot of surprisingly great shows if you’re thinking about that. And discovery plus has so much more than you could ever think.

I don’t know if this will help anybody but I know that it was very cathartic for me! Maybe it’ll come across someone who works at CBS or Paramount or whatever they’re calling themselves now and some changes will happen. If you own the content and you’re asking people to pay for your service please include a multitude of options. For some people this makes them want to choose streaming alternatives to your very limited contact. Anyway that was my moment of venting if you guys are interested in any other streaming channels let me know and I will write a post about it thanks!

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