Enlightened Reading Discovery

There are not enough words to describe what I love about Books. But through listening to my audiobooks I discovered something constant and necessary that I often overlook. You see I love the meat of a story. My preference is mysteries and thrillers so for me that means getting to know the main characters, and sometimes the villains and listening for clues. Recently, however, I was listening to Karin Slaughter’s “Faithless” after James Patterson’s “Liar Lair” and that’s when I began to notice. The descriptions throughout the story that I have failed to notice while listening to the dialouge. Not the regular descriptions of the landscape of each scene. I refer to those in between moments when charcters are entwined in crucial conversations or moments. Oh my goodness how did I miss these details?

There’s beauty in these descriptions that set the mood and the tone. It is so easy to gloss over these elements when the story is heating up. In the James Patterson book it described police officers leaning under a light smoking. The illumination of the lights at night highlighted the smoke turning it orange in color. This detail enhanced the atmosphere in such a vivid way with the wording and adjetives! It is a key that opens the imagination like a flower with multiple layers.

Karin Slaughter sits you in the room with her enhancments. One moment stands out to me, when a detective was attempting to gain information. The wife was making lemonade, from scratch, while the exchange continued. She juiced the lemons, got a heavy glass picture, retrieved a 3 pound bag of sugar and so on. All those particulars, my gosh, I was in the room. I know you avid readers probably pick up on all these things. I, selfishly, am always trying to get to who-dun-it and how do we stop them. I know will pay more attention to the art of it, the beauty of it from now on and if you weren’t before I hope you do know!

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