The Galloping Gimmies

So this is the time year where eyes get big and the Christmas list (or Hanukah wish) ebbs, flows and grows and grows. At times it can feel like all you do is explain why the season is not about gifts for little people.As a former Nanny and current mommy let me share with you a few things that helped me calm the “Gimmies”.

These two books are great old school teaching, discussion, and bonding solutions for the I want blues. If your family is not big on Story Time have no fear, click the link below. Play this on a loop it helps I promise.

Other COVID options:

  • Make simple tie blankets, or masks and take to a shelter.
  • Have the kids gather toys they no longer use and take them to a family shelter.
  • Get new toys and take them to the cancer hospital or toys for tots
  • Make letters to Santa for other people.
  • Volunteer at church to deliver no contact Christmas Joy.

Teaching giving and seeing how others struggle squelch the gimmies which fosters lifelong charity. Keep trying and good luck.

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