Extraction Reviews

I miss movie theaters so much, but necessity is the mother of invention. This has brought about me seeking out the movies made by streaming companies. Netflix has impressed me as of late, please see “The Old Gaurd” review for reference. Now let’s talk about “Extraction“. Starring Chris Hemsworth and a talented teen, Rudhraksh Jaiswai this is an action film no doubt! In my opinion this is an Military film done in John Wick fashion. I loved all the John Wick films so this was fun for me. Chris Hemsworth is always fun to watch (yes even as Fat Thor) so that was the initial incentive. Rudhraksh Jaiswai, however, showed great range of emotion and spouted some insightful quotes I will not soon forget. Beyond the killing and gore this movie is about unlikely trust and connections. It was engaging, insightful and had a good storyline. The con for me was I was really missing a why, I need a motive to really exalt this film to a favorite. If someone has a thought or alternate opion on “Extraction“please share. Worth watching on a lazy afternoon, exciting and interesting.

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