New Favorite Hobby….Besides blogging

I find that smaller grocery store chains have a variety of flowers at great prices, so I have been enjoying making beautiful arrangements that bring me so much joy throughout the day!

Flower Power

So listen guys I found out that most grocery (Not multi stores like Walmart) Have a discount flower section!! If you’ve seen my previous post you know I love fresh flowers around the house! So this was my $5 arrangement today! $5 made me feel like a million bucks! Joy

A Touch of Fall~Decorating Ideas

Seasonal Decorations are a big part of getting into the spirit of the changes coming. I change up just a little for fall and spring and allot for Christmas! When I throw my touches up I always keep my budget in mind! Here are my tips that maybe you can get some use out! This is just my fall set up! Feel free to share your decor ideas, maybe we can inspire each other. You may have way outdone my normal this year we just moved 2 weeks ago! Alrighty here we go happy fall y’all!!

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