­čś▒ Errand Nightmares­čś▓

You have either seen this or lived it! This sneaky snippet is sad but true, (Disclaimer I am not the sneaky cameraman). This happens at least once each time I’m out running errands in many different ways.

Here are a few tips to avoid this type of behavior in the store.

1. Pre-warn or Pre-reward

Set an expectation for behavior when out in public; Do Not assume that your child knows what you expect from them. Once you have set expectations set a consequence for non-obedience. Most of all whatever the punishment Make it realistic Make it immediate and FOLLOW THROUGH!

If you have a reward-based child let them know that good behavior will earn them a privilege or treat after the outing if expectations are met. I am not a fan of this system because its indicative of a science experiment. If you don’t know what this is look up Pavlov’s dogs.

The whisper trick (my favorite tip): What happens when everyone is talking and someone attempts to whisper something to you! If your child starts screaming in a store get real close and whisper. Until they stop screaming it doesn’t matter what you say; but when the screaming stops say what you need to say with force and conviction.

Rewarding is a beneficial tool however, use it as a parent given choice. Let them know you were proud of the behavior with word and affection; particularly the first time. 

Rewards~ Food is fine occasionally. For example, an ice cream outing is indeed special but food-based rewards can create a whole new set of issues. Use your imagination and know what inspires your child. Other options include:

  • Kids choice- Allow them to choose the activity, game, show, or book at an allotted time.
  • Unusual activity- Allow them to have time to do something you rarely allow in the house. Playdough, fingerpainting, making fruit loop necklaces (and eating them after).
  • Playtime- Allow them to build a fort, make music with pots and pans, invite a friend over. 

Just remember they are not in charge! Do not allow embarrassment to dictate your response to your child’s behavior in public. If people look let them; this is a battle of right and wrong and you are the winner by default!

Preemptive Actions

If you have a child that has never exhibited this type of behavior Yay you! Just in case these options will help get you through:

  • Bring a book, video game, or movie with headphones
  • Plan a grocery game/Use your imagination
    • Count all the Green and put a line for each thing in a little notebook. If you run or get loud you lose the game.
    • How many circles can you find
    • Find all the things you can eat with milk.  
  • Help me shop, Draw out a list and explain that it’s a quiet game

Have Fun with it, most of these are bonding experiences with your child as well!

Newborn Comes Home Mini Manual

Words of Wisdom Parenthood (1989)

As Keanus Charcter explains in harsh terms everything requires a licensce but the thing that should require one. To expand on that revalation everything that requires a license typically comes with instructions. I can’t give you a full on manual on newborn care, but I can help you along the way.

Newborns are the hardest but it doesn’t have to be as scary as you imagine or have been told. As a former Nanny of all ages I can tell you there are a few tricks that can help this be the beautiful time it was meant to be!

Swaddle~Alright, imagine that its morning and it is cold outside and you forgot to turn on the heater last night. You are in your bed cozy under sheets, a blanket and a comforter. You know you have to get out of bed and this will be a miserable shock to your system. This is how a baby feels the first few days out of mommy’s warm body! Swaddling is comfort for a infant; it is familiar and prompts relaxation. All of this is dependent on if its done properly. Swaddle blankets sold currently are nice but are typically too loose to be effective. As a former Mom-baby nurse I taught this daily however it is difficult to teach effectively without a baby! Therefore, here are some great examples of swaddling techniques.

My Beautiful adopted Niece Z swaddled up by Aunt Nickey at 6 Days Old! Love this Little peanut!!! This was the best part of Thanksgiving 2019!
Most Traditional Technique
A variety of Techniques
  • Sleep~The first few weeks is a HUGE adjustment period, prevention of sleep deprivation is very important for you and baby. So this one is easy for the first 3 weeks you sleep when they sleep or if someone is home with you take shifts. If you are breast feeding the first option is better just remember to set an alarm for feeding. For bottle feeding, shifts are a better option plus you get a longer period of rest.
  • The Counts~ Keep track of feedings, urine and poop. This helps to ensure the health of your baby. Day one and two are the least amount of diapers averaging 1-3 diapers. As the days increase so should the soiled diapers. Typically the increase is between 3 and 5 diapers daily sometimes more. If you do not see an increase in dirty diapers call your doctor right away!!! After 3 weeks if not sooner setting up an eating and sleeping schedule will be vital for establishing a rhythm for your household routines. There are great apps to help with this: Baby Tracker Nursing App, Piyolog, Baby Feeding Log, and First year-Baby Feeding!
  • Vacuum~When the baby is asleep as well as periods when they are awake vacuum, or make some kind of noise! Life is noisy and it is miserable to tiptoe around your house when the baby is asleep and you have things to do. This is easily remedied during the first week at home! Plus, as a bonus, you will have the cleanest floors on your street!
  • Skin to skin~Wether breast or bottle feeding, hearing a heartbeat and feeling the warmth of mom or dad promotes bonding and relaxation in the first weeks of life! This also lessens infant anxiety. There is also research that indicates a link between reducing post partum depression and skin-to-skin contact!
  • No Google~ Many new parents I know fall into the habit of calling the doctors office for every question and concern. If they don’t call the doctors office they call other mothers, which may work but often time does not yield the desired results. In desperation, I have seen parents Google the answer to many questions. Do you know that saying you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet? That is your new mantra now! Google is Brilliant indeed but it can also scare the heck out of a new parent! There are many amazing books that can answer basic questions about newborns. I prefer the What to Expect books these are super helpful link below.

I hope this helps to ease the transition of bringing your baby home, this is a special time and being able to enjoy it is important for bonding with your baby! Congrats and good luck!

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