The Return, The Reason, and The Cricut

Hi all, I have missed my Blog very much. Let me give you an update as to where and why I have been M.I.A. So, I had been cooking so much for the Blog that I was giving plates away and people kept saying, you need to sell your food. I took a hiatus to explore that avenue and the probable implications to my life. It was doable and tested well until I got to the shipping aspect of it! SIDEBAR: Why on earth does it cost so much to ship some damn muffins, in Texas where I already live? $23.00??

Well during the packaging process I got a Cricut machine to create custom labels. HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM (or the blooming of Ideas) BEGAN! Back in the old days, I used to craft, for necessity. In explanation, I was too broke to decorate my tiny apartment so I learned to make many many things and loved it. While continuing to explore shipping options I also learned about my new toy, I mean the Cricut. Addiction came quickly, I began to make anything and everything I could think up. People started to notice and orders began to flow, at my job. Now my business idea has expanded to cooking and Cricut. I still don’t know how I would ship anything but I have been having the greatest time.

I have really missed blogging though, so now I am going to incorporate my Cricut journey with my blogging. So hopefully you will enjoy this voyage with me. I will still be cooking, giving kid ideas, writing, and sharing cool stories of course. Now I’ll just adding to the DIY section of my Blog, I am also going to attempt to add some videos, maybe I hate myself on camera! I have discovered quit a bit about myself in the last 3 months and I hope I inspire someone to chase their dreams as well. So stay tuned and thanks!

Cricut© 101 - Keene Community Education
My Favorite Pastime away from the Kitchen!!

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