Quarantined with Pre-Schoolers

Oh please let quarantine be over soon! I know that some of you mom’s are walking around the house chanting this daily; like a mantra. In particular mother’s of toddler and pre school age kids. At this point you may be running out of ideas so I have some educational and fun Ideas to help you get through this quarantine and feel like parents of the year. Lets get started:

Learning letters and words, as in how to spell a name, does not mean drilling them as in the old days. There are many ways to us index cards, to play learn and occupy.

Teach Your Preschooler Their ABCs
  1. Letter stepping~Make index cards with letters/words and place on hard surfaces around the house. Instruct to step on each letter/word and sound it out or say it aloud. Give a reward at the completion and increase with success.
  2. Number stepping~ Same concept but increase to addition or subtraction, try adding numbers to show increase or decrease.
  3. Big Letter, Little letter~ Lay letters down matching the big letter to its lowercase counterpart.
  4. Name That Number~Begin with 1-10 then following a lesson in number increase add a number in front of the base numbers mixing then as knowledge increases. For example 2, 12, and 21.
  5. Scavenger Hunt~Of course you can use this in a hundred different ways but this challenge is to find numbers, letters or words around the house. (Make this a quiet game, if you can find the objects in silence a prize will be awarded).
  6. Build a word~Take letters upper and lower and tape to blocks, legos or any building toys and let the fun begin.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to remain sane during this craziness. I will try to keep it coming, Take care guys.

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