The Opinions of Many

Imagine with me, if you will, a simpler time. Computers were boxes with basic information, telephones were plugged into the walls or on the outsides of stores. You are invited for dinner an libations at a friends house. The table is set, the house smells divine and the conversation is flowing. You discuss the latest news, the shows you are all watching, and possibly the irritating individual you all have in common. Dinner is over, it was fun and you talk about it for days after with those same people you communed with.

Fast forward to the present. The world in front of you is amazing, you can face to face family and friends through the phone. You can Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, Snapchat, text and learn practically anything on YouTube. You can also voice your opinion on these or any platform of your choosing. No judgement, I have a blog for crying out loud.

The opinions of many can be a hinderance or a help. The more negative the opinion the more publicity it gets. The question I put for all of us is this, wouldn’t it be better to bring the opinions back to friends, dinner tables, and private settings? There is something to be said about that, imagine again, time with friends and family WITHOUT everyone on their phones. Conversation and opinions flowing and no strangers or friends getting hurt. All the while we get to keep all the modern technology! The concept of being able to share our world without the negative input. But…Thats just my opinion!

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