Original Content

So this week I have been having a full on battle with the flu, which I am positive stands for Friggin Long & Unyielding virus! It did however, give me the opportunity to watch many many movies. I am quite the movie fanatic, I love every genre except horror! I am not one of those people that loves to be scared. The same thought emerged after almost every movie. The thought was original content, it must be difficult to come by an original storyline after decades of making movies and television shows.

I first watched the original Star Wars trilogy! This was 1970’s and wow what and original idea and concept; done very well I’d say. This got me thinking what other movies were truly original Indiana Jones was a brilliant original creation as well. Jumanji, Robin not the Roc, was such a unique and interesting concept. E.T. was a very innovative idea. I know that there have been many more that I am leaving out but it is honestly difficult to come up with a list. Understand, I am awestruck by how books and comics have been brought to life so vividly. Harry Potter on the big screen ran a close race with my imagination after reading those amazing novels. Marvel and DC took every exciting childhood moment I spent under my window buried in a comic and made them more real than I could have imagined.

Newer movies seem to be remaking what has been done already with a twist or new characters. My question is does original content still exist or are we story recycling? New decades, fresh new twist? It’s not bad thing, when done right, but as a reader I know that there is so much more out there to explore and bring to life. As an aspiring writer I struggle to bring original content to my pages. Is the enough life for original ideas to continue to be brought forth? Please tell me your thoughts thanks.

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