A Moment

It only takes a moment to realize how small your life is in the big scheme of things. The morning started on an unsteady path. My uniform was still in the washer when I woke up, The breakfast I made fell in the sink, and the gas light came on at the second light. As I sat there exasperated and frustrated I looked up to see a lone hot air balloon. A beautiful floating misshapen orb with colors blazing across the clear blue sky. I thought, somewhere someone is not on their way to work after a crappy morning. Somewhere someone got up and thought it would be a good idea to go up in a hot air balloon and look down on the millions of people on their way to work. In that moment I was reminded that many other lives are going on around me. I found myself wondering if the balloon rider was heading for the clouds considering the same thing. This reminder turned my day around, and made me consider my next morning off; possibly in a hot air balloon. Just for a moment!

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